How Does Walmart Pickup Work? (2023)

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Kim Pinnelli

February 22, 2022

How Does Walmart Pickup Work? (2)

If walking into a Walmart isn’t on your list of priorities right now, but you need groceries or household items from Walmart, you’re in luck. Walmart offers free pickup for most items in their store, making it easy to get in and out without stepping foot in the store.

The Walmart Pickup program has improved vastly since the pandemic started. It began as a grocery pickup program only but quickly transformed into a program that worked with most products to keep everyone safe.

Here’s what you must know about Walmart Pickup.

What is Walmart Pickup?

Since the pandemic started, curbside pickup became the way of life for many people and Walmart was on board. While they already had a curbside pickup for groceries available, they quickly implemented a curbside pickup option for thousands of items throughout the store, making it easier and safer for anyone to shop.

You can set up a Walmart Pickup to be curbside, or for items other than groceries, you may also be able to go into the store to pick up your pre-packed items, but not groceries.

Walmart Pickup isn’t In-store Pickup

It’s important to understand the difference and it can be confusing at different Walmart stores. Walmart Pickup refers to curbside pickup. You don’t get out of your car. You sit in a spot and pop your trunk when the associate arrives with your items. You confirm you received the order and then drive away with your items.

In-store pickup means you park your car and go into the store. You see a store associate or use the store’s pickup system to get your order. You usually need your confirmation email with a barcode and your ID to pick up the order.

How Does Walmart Pickup Work?

You can place your Walmart order online or in the Walmart app.

Ordering Walmart Curbside Pickup Online

The Walmart website is the easiest way to order your Walmart products because they differentiate between grocery and non-grocery items.

To order online use these steps:

  • Log into or create a Walmart account
  • Enter your zip code to choose your store, not all stores offer curbside pickup (non-grocery) so check for availability
  • For grocery orders, choose your time slot, they are listed in one hour increments
  • Add your items to the cart
  • Checkout

If you purchase non-grocery items, you’ll find out the earliest you can pick up the item when you checkout. It’s usually 4 hours, but you’ll receive an email or text when the order is ready for pickup.

If you order non-grocery and grocery items together, you’ll pick them up at the same time, which is whenever there is a grocery slot available.

Grocery slots are harder to get because shoppers have to shop an entire list of groceries versus picking up one or two household items. They also have to keep the cold groceries cold and separate them from the non-frozen or refrigerated products.

Ordering Walmart Curbside Pickup on the App

You’ll use the same technique to order Walmart Curbside products on the app. The difference is they don’t differentiate between grocery and non-grocery items. Pay attention to the time slot when the products will be ready since grocery and non-grocery items may have different times. If you’re ordering groceries, your items will all be ready at the same time.

Are all Products at Walmart Eligible for Curbside Pickup?

Each Walmart store is different. When you’re ready to shop, make sure you select your local Walmart store to see which products you can pick up curbside. Some stores require you to come into the store and use the in-store pickup.

Each store is different, but it could be a kiosk that you scan your barcode on from your email and they bring the product out to you or you must see a customer service representative.

How do you Pick up your Walmart Order?

If you’re eligible for curbside pickup, it’s easy to get your Walmart order. It’s best if you have the Walmart app, though.

On the app, check in to let them know you are on your way. This allows the store associates to start packing your order so when you arrive they can bring it out to you immediately.

Once you arrive at the store, click ‘I’m here’ and enter the parking spot number you are in. Wait patiently for your item to arrive. If you’re doing a grocery pickup, it could take a few minutes to come out to you, especially if you picked a popular pick-up time.

If you don’t have the Walmart app, park in a spot and call the number on the sign with the parking spot number on it to let them know you’ve arrived.

Does Walmart Deliver?

If you don’t want to head over to your local Walmart but need your products right away, thousands of their products are available for delivery, including grocery. Unlike a curbside pickup, though, the service is only free if you spend over $35.

If your order is less than $35, there is a delivery charge of $5.99. Of course, you can always have non-food items shipped too.

Tips to Get the Most out of Walmart Pickup

  • Download the Walmart app for easy check-in. It can be difficult to get someone on the phone if you call the number on the parking spot. If you are picking up during a busy time, no one may answer the phone, which makes it hard to let them know you’ve arrived.
  • Check whether substitutions are okay or not. Like everything else during the pandemic, inventory levels are uncertain especially if you place an order today but set a pickup time for a day or two from now. If you don’t want an item substituted, mark ‘no substitutions’ on the order for applicable items.
  • Try to place your order at least a day before you need it. At the start of the pandemic, shoppers waited a week or longer for an eligible spot. Walmart has since increased their availability, but it’s common for the day to fill up by 8 AM each day.
  • Pick up orders within four days. Walmart only holds non-grocery items for four days after your pickup date. If you miss the date and don’t go for four days, they will refund your money and cancel the order.
  • If you want someone else to pick up your order, especially in-store, you must put their name on the order. They will check IDs when you pick up the product, so make sure you designate who will pick it up.
  • If you buy the same things weekly, Walmart saves your previous orders. All you have to do is click ‘reorder’ and your shopping is done.
  • You can alter your order for a few hours after placing it. Pay close attention to the time they’ll accept changes until in case you change your mind.
  • Always check for Walmart coupons before shopping. You can combine coupons with curbside pickup for any order.

FAQs – Walmart Pickup

Is Walmart Pickup available at all stores?

Walmart Grocery Pickup isn’t available at every store. Click here to find out if it’s available in your area or if it’s coming soon.

Does Walmart have a minimum order size for Walmart Pickup?

Most locations don’t require you to spend a certain amount for free Walmart Pickup, but it can vary by location. Check with your location, as some enforce a $35 minimum or they charge $5.99 for the service.

How do I pay for my Walmart Pickup order?

Just like any online order, you pay for your Walmart Pickup order using a credit or debit card. You can store a credit card in your Walmart account or enter the number each time you shop there.

Can you tip for Walmart Curbside Pickup?

Walmart associates are not able to accept tips for curbside pickup. The associates are paid hourly and get in trouble if they accept tips. The service is something Walmart stores offer to keep the community safe.

You can, however, tip your Walmart delivery driver if you have your Walmart products delivered to your home. Tipping is optional, though.

Final Thoughts – Walmart Pickup, Is It Worth It?

If you shop at Walmart and don’t have the time or don’t want to go into a store, Walmart Pickup is great.

The downside is how fast the grocery slots fill up, especially on the weekends. Walmart only allows a certain number of pickups per hour and once they are filled, the spots are gone. You could log on and find that you can’t get groceries picked up for 3+ days sometimes.

If you plan ahead, though, picking up your items curbside is the best thing Walmart started. You can get the low Walmart prices but don’t have to fight the crowds or risk your health going into the store if it’s not an option for you.


How does picking up an item at Walmart work in store? ›

In-Store Pickup Process

When you arrive at the store, park in a designated pickup spot and head inside. Most Walmart stores will have pickup signs throughout the parking lot to direct you to the right door.

Are you supposed to tip the Walmart pick up? ›

It's natural to want to tip someone who is bringing something straight to your car. Here is the official policy from Walmart: “No. Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome.

What happens if I don t pick up my Walmart grocery order on time? ›

The store holds your order for a couple of days past the pick-up window. If it is not picked up, it is classified as abandoned and is shipped back to the Walmart fulfillment center. Then you are entitled to receive a refund for this order, which should show on your account within 2-3 business days.

Does Walmart keep pickup orders cold? ›

This ensures that your food doesn't sit out a long time waiting for you to pick it up. In the times I've used the service, I've never ended up with mushy ice cream. So, does Walmart Grocery Pickup keep food cold? I would definitely say, “Yes.”

What happens if Walmart pickup forgets an item? ›

If a customer tells you that items are missing from their order, let them know they can: Use the chat feature on or in the Walmart app. Call Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546.

What happens if you don't pick up Walmart items? ›

Walmart will hold pickup orders for a total of 7 days from the time the order is placed. After that, the items will be restocked and you may be charged a restocking fee. You will also be refunded the original cost of your order.

Is it rude to not tip for pickup? ›

Like when it comes to tipping on takeout orders, it's certainly not required (and not everyone does it), but it is a nice thing to do. Sure, it may take less time and effort to prepare a takeout order than it would if your waiter was serving you or the delivery driver was driving to you.

How much should you tip on a pick up order? ›

How Much Should You Tip for Takeout and Delivery? There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to how much to tip for takeout. The Post Institute says no tip is required if you walk into the establishment to grab your order, but that you should tip 10% if your food is brought out to you.

How much do you tip for Walmart pickup? ›

Walmart associates can not accept tips, it would cost them their job. They can accept compliments given in store or better yet when receiving amazing service, compliments called into 1–800 walmart which is a huge deal in the company.

Can someone else pickup my Walmart order? ›

Designate an Alternate Pickup Person.

Not sure if you'll be able to grab the order yourself? If someone else might be picking up your Walmart curbside purchase for you, you can add them as an alternate to the order. To do so, edit “Pickup person” and add their information when you are checking out.

Does Walmart charge restocking fee? ›

Walmart does not charge restocking or service fees. In the event that you are unable to print a return label, please contact us and we will mail you a return label, or address your package, including the RMA number, and mail to the address below. Walmart will reimburse you for the cost.

Can you refuse a Walmart delivery? ›

Orders can be refunded if the item is damaged, customer refuses delivery, item is lost in transit, or any other issue that would make the item undeliverable. If you want to dispute one of Walmart's adjustments, you need to create a case through the Seller Center within 90 days of the adjustment date.

What is the mark up at Walmart? ›

- Walmart marks up its items up only about 33%. So if Walmart buys something from $75, the selling price will be marked up to $100.

Does Walmart ship fresh food? ›

With Walmart Plus, you can get groceries and household essentials delivered to your door, including brands only available at the retailer like Sam's Choice, Freshness Guarantee, Parent's Choice and more. You can choose an available window for your order to be delivered day-of or schedule deliveries ahead of time.

How long does Walmart deli meat last? ›

Packaged lunch meats can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks before opening. After opening a package of lunch meats or buying sliced lunch meats at a deli, you can refrigerate them for three to five days. Keep your refrigerator at 40 °F or less).

Can you be late for Walmart pickup? ›

Here are some things you should know: If you are late for your pickup, you have a one-hour grace period to get your order. You can check in with the Walmart app or call the store to let them know you are on your way. Walmart will keep your order ready for you until you arrive.

What is Walmart temporary hold? ›

Walmart may put an order on hold as a precautionary measure to ensure that the order is processed correctly and delivered to the customer without any issues. The customer will typically be informed of the reason for the hold and the estimated time frame for resolution. 689 views.

How long does Walmart hold money? ›

The duration for which Walmart holds a Walmart to Walmart money transfer varies depending on the specific policies of the store and the country where the transfer is initiated. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Walmart typically holds money transfers for 90 days.


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