Top 7 Grocery Delivery Apps In Sweden Delivering Convenience (2023)

The increasing popularity of grocery delivery apps in Sweden is due to the digitization in this domain.

Grocery stores in Sweden were valued at 29 billion euros in last year and ranked 8th in Europe. This makes it easier and simpler for folks to get stuff home. There is now no real need to reach out to offline grocery stores.

Several businesses failed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, while some unexpected businesses did well and broke through all hurdles during the ensuing period. The world economy was nothing less than a roller coaster ride during the past couple of years.

One secret weapon that made its presence felt during this lockdown is ‘On-Demand Services’. When you hail a taxi, order food, book handyman services, request childcare services, demand grocery delivery, all these functions are part of on-demand services and specifically depend on customer demand.

There will soon be an increased demand for on-demand service apps, and entrepreneurs should take advantage of it.

Online grocery delivery has been a game-changer for people all over the world. With work eating our precious time and travel becoming expensive and a time consuming, it’s much more convenient to have your favorite groceries delivered. Some apps even accept an order with only one or two items at time if needed.

So there is no real need to make several trips like before to brick-and-mortar stores around town to scour for what you need urgently.

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The convenience is what makes online ordering of groceries an attractive option among consumers. Customers can get anything they want without having any hassle of travel which is an additional burden on your resources. The demand for food/grocery delivery services will see an increase even after the pandemic truncates and traveling will not come in the way as people have gotten used to this convenience.

Let us study the top grocery delivery apps in Sweden that have adapted to the digital era by creating innovative apps.

Types of Grocery Delivery Business Models

There are three main types of grocery delivery business models:

  • Inventory Models
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model
  • Shopping Model

If you take a closer look at the top grocery delivery apps in Sweden and the models they are following. You will notice they have adopted one of these three models. Or it could be a combination of these grocery delivery business models. Therefore firstly let us understand how these business models work.

Online Grocery Business: Inventory Model

The inventory model is followed by businesses that stock up essential grocery items directly from suppliers and deliver the products to customers. The delivery is done utilizing an in-house team or third-party delivery network.

The model is similar to an offline grocery selling store that can easily begin grocery home delivery. Therefore customers can order online and the grocery store will deliver the products to the customers.

Online Grocery Business: Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model

The multi-vendor marketplace model is the most favored grocery delivery business model especially for startups. In this business model you do not have to manage stocks. In this model you are the middleman between customers and grocery stores. You basically provide a digital platform that could be a website or a mobile app which is used by customers and grocery stores to interact.

Customers send their orders via the website or app. The order is further transferred to respective grocery stores. Then a third party delivery agent collects the good and delivers it to the customer. Many ecommerce firms like Amazon, eBay, Uber, Airbnb follow this business model.

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Online Grocery Business: Shopping Model

The shopping model that is most popular is in terms of the global market is the shopping model. Lot of startups are exploring how to begin an online grocery business. This model is pretty much similar to the multi-vendor marketplace model, but for one difference. In here the platform selects the vendor / grocery store instead of the customers, which is mostly based on the customer’s location.

When an order is placed, the platform chooses the vendor and an an in-house delivery agent would proceed to deliver the order to the consumer. Instacart works on this business model.

Popular Grocery Delivery Apps In Sweden

There are more than 125 grocery delivery apps in Sweden, and here is the list of the more popular ones. is a reputed online grocery store operating in Sweden. To ensure that their deliveries are fresh, they use refrigerator boxes to deliver groceries. The company also focuses on delivering high-quality food at an optimal price. The company provide customers the opportunity to choose the kind of service they require.

Top 7 Grocery Delivery Apps In Sweden Delivering Convenience (4) has warehouses in Stockholm’s district such as Arlov, Vastra Frolunda, Malmo, and others to quicken the delivery process. Customers can choose the type of packaging they deem fit while ordering groceries and can also choose the delivery schedule.


The tagline of Vembla is ‘Shop in seconds and get it delivered in minutes’. Vembla is a Swedish supermarket delivering food, medicines and groceries without any delay.

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Vembla is gaining popularity in Sweden for the environmentally friendly manner they employ while making quick deliveries. There has been a 100% growth since its inception in one year as per a McKinsey Report. Vembla has a large selection of items and operates similar to Instacart in affiliation with local grocery stores in Sweden.

The company has a go-green initiative and hence use fossil-free emission vehicles for deliveries.

Vembla shoppers can check the expiry date of all the grocery items and its quality before ordering. Customers can also check review of the products posted by other shoppers before deciding to buy a product.


Kavall is an on-demand grocery app that follows the insta-delivery model, and promises delivery of groceries within 20 minutes.

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They also offer to deliver food incorporating the highest quality. They deliver grocery that is available in Stockholm supermarkets or they also deliver from local stores of Malmo, and Gothenburg. The also provide services in Malmö in Sweden, Helsinki, Tampere (Finland) and Oslo in Norway.

Kavall has received innumerable reviews from happy customers due to quick deliveries, wide range of food and fresh products, and the availability of plenteous deals and discounts.


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Incepted as a large-scale fruit selling business in Stockholm, this leading B2B marketplace is connected with wholesale buyers and sellers. TradeBay is a global marketplace where producers, sellers, buyers and traders can grow their network of partners, reach new markets, and trade securely.

The process of buying is via an exciting bidding process wherein you negotiate deals and write agreements online in real-time. You can also check and decide what you want through the auction or by using the Tradebay app.

TradeBay has lots of positives such as a wide fruit marketplace, plenty of negotiation deals, and a platform where buyers and sellers connect. TradeBay also helps clients to overcome insecurities and mediate payment terms. They also help you with financing options and insurance.


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Stockfiller has adopted the enterprise management solutions model to conduct their business. They help restaurants and grocery stores to track and manage all their orders and deliveries in an efficient manner.

Due to the enterprise management solutions that is available suppliers, retailers, and restaurants benefit by having awareness of each product that is being sold in the market.

Stockfiller also helps customers track their orders and purchase. Businesses also can track customer reviews to ensure future growth with insights on sales.


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Matspar is pretty much similar to a shopping list app. The app helps you to compare the cost of the items you have added to in your cart whereby you are confident that you have gotten a good deal.

On the other hand retailers who have partnered on this app are aware that their prices will be compared by consumers for each and every product that has been added by the user to the cart.

The app is specifically reputed for the price comparison engine due to which consumers looking for a good deal folk here. Customer are then directed to the retailer store for orders and payments. Businesses can gain due to data insight on in-stock availability.


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MatHem is part of grocery delivery apps in Sweden that offers online ordering and delivery. The app offers wide ranging products such as fruits, vegetables, organic products, household essentials, kitchen items, infant-care goods, pet-necessities, and medicines. MatHem advertise that they deliver goods to over half the households in Sweden.

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Deliveries to users are done in recyclable and biodegradable paper bags. MatHem has received award for being the Grocery Website of the Year consecutively for three years.

MatHem is reputed for the several offers and bargains that is available on the app. The products are wide-ranging as well as local in nature. App is easy to use with smart search with simple filters and also has a clever barcode reader. Customers are offered same day delivery for purchases over SEK 700. Customer can also track their orders as it makes its way to their homes.

Conclusion: Grocery Delivery Apps In Sweden

Grocery delivery apps help in the last mile delivery of groceries. Convenience are added by including several features such as order management (with or without geolocation), wallet and push notification management, and perks for delivery personnel.

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Entrepreneurs in the grocery delivery sector have an all-in-one software solution Grocer that is pre-built therefore affording very low time to market. To meet the needs of the grocery industry, this eCommerce solution has been developed with features inspired from market leaders such as BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, Grofers, and Nature’s Basket.

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What food delivery app is in Sweden? ›

In 2022, HelloFresh was the most downloaded food delivery app in Sweden, with over 248,000 downloads. Wolt Delivery placed second, with roughly 220,000 app downloads, followed by Uber Eats with 219,000 downloads.

Is there grocery delivery in Sweden? ›

To order groceries online in Sweden with foodora, just input in your address and go to the "Shops" tab on the top of the listing. Browse through your favorite shops or go straight to foodora market, choose your products and checkout. What kind of products can I order online? Choose from a variety of product categories.

What is the Swedish version of just eat? ›

Sweden. Hallå! foodora is live across all major cities. Check out our amazing selection and order now.

What app does Sweden use? ›

App App NameStore Rank App's store ranking in the chosen store; country, category and leader board updated daily.
1WhatsApp Messenger1
4Kivra Sweden4
46 more rows

What is the best delivery company in Sweden? ›

Top Shipping Companies in Sweden
  • Greencarrier Freight Services Poland Sp. z o.o. ...
  • Conroute. Your Cargo Around the World. ...
  • Silent Transport. Logistics Service Provider. ...
  • Need help selecting a company? ...
  • First Cargo Sweden AB. ...
  • Cargo Center Sweden AB. ...
  • Rosenlunds Åkeri AB. ...
  • Nordicfreight & Logistik AB.

What is the name of the delivery company in Sweden? ›

PostNord is by far the best-known delivery business in Sweden in terms of sales and shipping volumes. Besides PostNord, there are only a handful of other shipping companies vying for second place by a wide margin. These include DHL, DB Schenker, Bring Parcel, and UPS.

Is Hello Fresh in Sweden? ›

HelloFresh has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, New Zealand, Japan and Spain.

What is the largest grocery chain in Sweden? ›


ICA is top of the list with an annual turnover of €9.09 billion recorded in 2021.

What is the Swedish dinner rule? ›

"Swedes cook for the people they expect (family). Precise portions. We don't mind guests, just tell us in advance and we'll add one more. And in Sweden, it's understood, you don't eat at a friend's house unannounced.

What is Sweden's national breakfast? ›

Gröt. A common dish on the Swedish breakfast table is gröt (porridge) or, more specifically, havregrynsgröt (oatmeal porridge). It's filling, healthy, and easy to make. Swedes usually add milk and top theirs with various berries.

What is the most common breakfast in Sweden? ›

Standard Swedish breakfast fare

The most common Swedish breakfast is made at home and centers around a smörgås (open-faced sandwich) consisting of bread, margarine or butter and a slice of cheese.

What is the name of the app that delivers groceries? ›

Instacart-Get Grocery Delivery 12+

What's the most used food delivery app? ›

In general, the most popular food delivery apps include: Uber Eats. DoorDash. Grubhub.

What food delivery app is more popular? ›

1. Doordash. Doordash is arguably the most popular food delivery service, with thousands of locations across the country.

Is DoorDash available in Sweden? ›

Wolt's acquisition by DoorDash will expand the US-based food delivery service into 22 new countries, including Finland, Sweden, Germany and Hungary. Japan is the only market where the two companies currently overlap.

Is there Uber Eats in Sweden? ›

Enjoy Swedish Food delivery and takeaway with Uber Eats near you in Stockholm Browse Stockholm restaurants serving Swedish Food nearby, place your order and enjoy! Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its ETA while you wait.

Does DoorDash work in Sweden? ›

The $8.1 billion deal announced Tuesday will bring DoorDash into 22 countries where it doesn't currently operate, including Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Israel. The combined companies will reach 700 million people, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said.

Does Hello Fresh deliver to Sweden? ›

Have you tried HelloFresh yet? The US-founded company is now available across Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. HelloFresh is a flexible food kit delivery service that provides a variety of meal options. The concept is simple: order a meal plan that works for you and your family.


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